I Gave A Custom House To Someone In Need

2020 Гах 25-нд
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we literally gave away a house to someone in this video!
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  • I took some inspiration from my good friend MrBeast so I gave away a house and lots more lol Subscribe if you want to be in my future videos to win stuff :)

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    • Hello your my favorite youtuber

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    • How i wish i have also talent in drawing 😇

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    • Hi zhc love u vids

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    • ZHC hello

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  • this is amazing

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  • Merry Christmas to everyone reading this! 🎁✨

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  • you should be happy after you gave away that house

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  • They are making Christmas so happily.But i can not even make my birthday .But it's ok one day it will come when i will make my birthday happily with my family.

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  • Fan here from Philippines! Hope i can get one lol

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  • You guys are so unbelievable unreal awesome and everything!!! And of course ZHC and the team is the best ✨✨

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  • This is absolutely beautiful. Bless her heart!!🥺

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  • Love you guys .... You all are unreal

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  • I doubt that you will see me......

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  • Literally I never saw my brother that enjoyable when he watches ur video thanku for making such a good vids Love from india

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  • The old lady's reaction at the end melted my heart! ❤✋💫 Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄 ❤

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  • I am very big fan of your

  • The most kind hearted and nice person I have seen till now is ZHC

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  • The house tho...

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  • Zhc is the most kind hearted human being I have ever seen/heard of he would give away his house if he had to, to make someone happy❤️

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  • kan i win somting i am from sweden

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  • You filmed in north Carolina what part?

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  • Your like the artsy Mr beast

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  • Awwww so sweat you guys are so good I'm from Malaysia but big fan for 4 years

  • i like your video!!!

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  • Merry Christmas I love all the stuff you did

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  • Can i have?

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  • I love your channel, as I continue to love blue cause of your looks, *I'm not kidding I love blue fr*

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  • I badly need one macbook for my online class , LOVE from the Philippines

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  • Hello sir my name is harshvardhan singh I am from India Sir I don't have money for my study I see you on MNred in many video you are helping lot of students for their study sir I don't have money to complete my study sir please help me with the sir plesae help me

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  • Omg how much money do you have I think 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

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  • Zhc is so kind he likes his fans like its his family😘😘

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  • Omg i just realize my Dreams can see the future😱i had the start of the video 2 Times in my dream😱😱😱😱😱

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  • Hi, Zach! I am a teacher and I hope you can give me a laptop for my online teaching with your artwork on it. I’ve been joining your giveaway but always got unlucky. More powers

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  • Great work to ZHC and the Team, just improve what you do we are just here to support you, help those in need, that's what our country needs.

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  • I just love this video I love that he cares more about other people than himself

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  • ZHC,it is very nice of you giveing away stuff GOD BLESS !!!!! and also i know that you are giving away things i don't need them because i want other people to have a chance to get the things i don't have the things that you are giving away but it OK FOR ME :)

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  • Removing plastic is so satisfying 🥴🤩

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  • Can you give me a netendo plese i live in saudi arabia can you send it to me i never won a give away befor im a bad sepeller

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  • I with someone would do this for my family were going through a hard time so (I love your Vids and its so sweet you do this)

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  • very rich guy

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  • Im literally crying while watching the last part of the video. Christmas is coming!

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  • I wish I can be like you, ZHC. Being the channel of blessings to everybody. You're such an inspiration!

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  • The smile on the woman’s face when zhc gave her a house for free 🥺

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