I Surprised Marshmello With A $10,000 Custom Bag!

2020 Мог 18-нд
15 229 455 Үзсэн тоо

I can't believe we surprised the real Marshmello

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    • Made a video of I suprice Michael Jackson. Plz

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    • How much are those LV tire locks worth?

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  • I love marchmalo i ant it

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  • I think no one ever wasted so many marshmallows like ZHC XD

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  • Nice

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  • You should have made a custom helmet. It would be epic! Along with custom Marshmallo hoodie and pants! THAT WOULD BE EPIC

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  • No the food

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  • 300 years later: zhc suprised nasa with a custom university

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  • I like how they just gave marshmallow lv stuff and made fun of him by swimming in marshmallow I wanted to come in your vid but I live in india

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  • 10 yrs later zhc surprise the world with customised zhc

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  • 1year later ZHC is gonna suprise Gordon Ramsay a custom food

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  • Hi, Zach! I am a teacher and I hope you can give me a laptop for my online teaching with your artwork on it. I’ve been joining your giveaway but always got unlucky. More powers

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  • That's so cool and I draw some of mine so I like stick man and some shape and I like dance and sing but sometimes I'm shay so and so when I'm thinking about the draw I love it but sometimes I like imagination so much fun and that's all bye and call me andrei or aka redwolf and I'm a boy bye👌🖌️✒️🇵🇭

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