I Customized A $10,000,000 House!

2020 Тах 5-нд
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I can't believe we painted a $10,000,000 house then paid for a ton of my subscribers rent lol
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    • I have been watching use since I was four and now on 10

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    • 🐉🥇✌🏽

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    • In India

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    • Customize Starbucks

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    • My dad just dropped a 255 weight on this chest

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  • Oh that’s Morefield for you because you guys always open for you and I love you guys

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  • The house before: *99% white,* *1% other color* The house now: *50% Blue* 30% *Other color* *20% Paintings* Edit: Wow everything changed

  • Presley zhe

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  • The MrBeast of Art.

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  • U help 1m ppl?

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  • Splat

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  • Holy s*** I just realized he is in build a b****

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  • You are kind of trying to be Mr. beast every video I see some of them you have to pretend to be mr. beast

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  • You guys are the best! Because you know you take sooooo much time and ideas

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  • I wish I had a puppy but I have one but he is just crazy

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  • I love the puppy!!

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  • ZHC hey guys we are repainting the galaxy we don’t really like the colour

    𝚃 𝙾 𝙲 𝙰. 𝙱 𝙾 𝙲 𝙰 ✌︎︎𝚃 𝙾 𝙲 𝙰. 𝙱 𝙾 𝙲 𝙰 ✌︎︎22 цагийн өмнө
  • Where's Leo now?

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  • Zhc In 1 year : we are going to costumize America

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  • big house

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  • Omg

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  • ZHC my man.. You're so talented and a li-little funny

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  • Love from India bro ❤️😘

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  • Hi iam form india iam your biggest fan .all the best for ur upcoming videos

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  • one day ZHC and his friends will be the greatist artist in the world and someday i think they will break a record

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  • Wow

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  • ZHC in 6 months - today we will be painting earth or Mars ... you decide on the comments

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  • Wow nice hous

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  • Tahats hard bro

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  • I need at least 50000 more dollars

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    • Jk I didn’t mean to add it

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  • I love it!

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  • 4:39 so sus

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  • But it is very sick

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  • money wolf

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  • I like when zhc hit himself

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  • Love ur videos ZHC AND U TOO MSMUNCHIE🥰😍🤩☺😚😗💓💗💕💖❤🧡💛💚💙💜💖🤎🖤🤍💌💘

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  • Saying that one is cuter is avences plus a like your dog

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  • Michelle very cute❤️

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  • OMG 😱 it's so hard proud of you guys

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  • I wish i could also draw like u all😂😘😍

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  • Biggest fan 😘love from nepal 😍❤💜

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  • Don't give away a art work this big

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  • ZHC in 10 years: we are painting the entire planet within a years

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  • He copys Mr beast

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  • 😛

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  • Nice

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  • One day in future ZHC be like : let's customize the whole country

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  • He has customized his hair too

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  • Dia Berbagi Rumah Dengan Karyanya Sendiri

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  • I dare you to colour a whole city in 100 days or everyone follows you

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  • hi

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  • Rihn🤮

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  • ZHC you are crazy

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  • Oh Michele is your girlfriend?

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  • OMG!

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  • are you still friends with Leo

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  • Coustomize a country

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  • Is zhc in love with meshiel

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  • Your the reason I draw and paint😃

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  • Yeah!

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  • Wath is your work bro?

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  • I love you

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  • NO

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  • Zhc in 2099: Today we are going to customize the queens palace

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  • Pls customize my house too u r the best customizer I have ever seen!!!

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  • Hi

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  • I had one trillion dollars

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  • Also I have one curling dollies

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  • And also the Andy also

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  • And also have another question.

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  • Zadeh you're talkin to the best person on MNred

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  • Zed's a I have a question for you I won't charge you six million dollars for that million dollars

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  • Hazy Jane I'll trade you $6,000 for that million dollars

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  • Вы Крутые Вы Так Красиво Рисуете я В Шоке Как Вы Это делаете

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  • I have sub

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  • Can u plz give me bycycle deck i want only that much 😭😭

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  • HI

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  • Can i have a house i'm poor

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  • Can i buy it i'm poor????????

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  • This so cool

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  • I'm in 4 a win ...keep on your good work. Greetz from Dordrecht the Netherlands...

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  • Who had the apple ad pls say the truth😹

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  • How to win give aways? thanks 😁

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  • In 10 yrs mr beast bying the moon nd zhc customizing it for him

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  • That is crazy

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  • after a month he will customize the whole earth in 5 years

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  • That was cool

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  • Oi Asian Mr beast build Ur own Restaurant

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  • I dare you guys to paint a 5 Lamborghinis

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  • me:mom i love this guy mom:are u subscribe bc i want a house

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  • Do you think you can make an epic picture of my Roblox avatar

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  • Pinche millonario

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  • ZHC in 2027: Today we are going to customise every house in the city in 200 days

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  • Pink Blau das sieht wie Mr beast das Licht

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  • One day he’ll paint somebody

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  • Ws

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  • I am from India can you give a house ✨🇮🇳?

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  • Show off btw jk

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  • Wait what???! I was thinking that Michelle was the sister of ZHC ! Sorry im a new suscriber

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  • I fully respect you first you spent 10 mill 2and you worked for 30 days to paint and if you didnt do it you have to give away a house geez

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