I Spent 50 Hours Customizing The World's Largest iPhone ($50,000)

2020 Нох 22-нд
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I can't believe I did this lol...
I Customized The World's Largest iPhone 12 For 50 Hours Straight

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching :)

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    • How do u charge it

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    • Who do you give away the iPhones to?? How do you choose?? Your videos it’s the best😁

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    • @Andreas Börjesson h

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  • ZHC 3000: today were gonna customize the worlds largest largest PS8

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  • I love ZHC, but! Did anyone notice that when he was fliping the coin last time it was about to land on head but on other scene it landed on tail. Proof! Coin was turning in one way in first scene and in other way in other scene!

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