Last To Stop Customizing Wins Lamborghini

2021 Бар 7-нд
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I can't believe we painted 6 Lamborghinis then gave one away to a subscriber lol
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In this video, last team to stop customizing a Lamborghini literally wins a Lamborghini! The artist that they are partnered with will also win a brand new car! These challenges are inspired by my good friend @MrBeast

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  • Subscribe right now and you might be picked to fly out and compete for something crazy like a Lamborghini or a house! A lot of the people you see in this video are actually random subscribers! 1 Million likes and I'll do the same thing with random subscribers but with a house! Also as you guys know, this video concept was inspire by my good friend mrbeast Also thanks Pamibaby for making a guest appearance as a judge!

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  • i wish i could do one of these challenges there so much fun

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